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Roman singer-songwriter began with theatrical experiences as a teenager

1977 He plays the role of Caiaphas in the comedy Jesus Christ Superstar translated into Italian created by himself.

1977 Protagonist in the comedy: "Come in un'ultima cena" also created by him and inspired by the 1976 album of the same name by Banco del Mutu Socco.

1978 - 1979 Performs various theater shows in imitation of Renato Zero in the comedy entitled "Causa Zero" which was shown throughout Italy until 1981, also created by him.

1979 performer in the role of Vizi in the comedy "Surrender Never!" by Angela Verdi

1979 -1980 -1981 -1982 -1983 and 1992 -1993 Radio speaker in private Roman radio stations such as Radio BOH - Radio Olimpo - Radio Chat Noir.

1982 He begins to write his own songs and also together with the Roman singer-songwriter Alex Britti.

1982 - 1983 participates in the choirs of Massimo Morante's album and Q Disc: Corpo a corpo and Esclusivo! and in 1983 in choirs with Renato Zero: on the Q Disc album Calore.

1985 Assistant director in Leopoldo Mastelloni's theatrical comedy: Ottavia.

1985 -1986 -1987 -1988 -1989 Supporter - Opening Act on tour throughout Italy by various artists

1988 Assistant director in Leopoldo Mastelloni's theatrical comedy: Senza categoria.

1989 He performs a 45 rpm single entitled Adios Amor” written by Ivan Cattaneo, the theme song for a Radio Uno summer program and promoted on various radio stations such as Radio Centro Suono.

2015 (July) Ready to get back into the game again, as a songwriter and performer, he releases his first CD " Soli"

2016 - 2017 He publishes various music videos taken from his album including "Dio C'E" - Dare Amore - Precipitando - Quanti Sentimenti - Ti Amo which have received excellent viewing on the web and especially on Facebook

2017 (June) The new single by Maurizio Martini entitled "Naufraga " by A. Oggioni L. Piergiovanni is released on all digital platforms, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google sponsored by Air-play and enters at 110th place enters iTunes TOP 200.

Tracks Italy alternative Chart the video is shot in 3 versions, viewed by thousands of people on both Facebook and Youtube.

Video that is previewed and reviewed by RAI ERI on TV NUMERI UNO. The song reaches 7th place on RADIO AIR PLAY INDEPENDENT ITALIANS and 3rd place in the INDIE and EMERGENTI ITALIAN charts, in the charts for over 5 months.

Interviewed on several dozen radio stations, broadcast on hundreds of radio stations.

2017 (August) Promoting the songs " Naufraga " and " Pietre " he was awarded the Premio Spazio d'Autore Calici di Stelle award in S. Gimignano.

In Castrocaro Terme Maurizio Martini is awarded by the AFI company

Spazio d'Autore Award 35th Edition

2018 (April) The Cartoon Video with the cover of Pietre by Gian Pieretti and Ricky Gianco is released, viewed on Facebook by 400,000 people.

2018 (May) The new single " La busta " is released in Italy in a duet with Tiziana Rivale who embellishes it with her participation. A sunny and captivating song always on Air-Play on all radios which rises to 8th place in the Indie charts.

2018 (July) Also released in Spain “After the publication of his album "Soli" in 2015 and the successful single "Naufraga" of the 2017 release, here he joins Maurizio Martini with his new single "La busta", but this time again duo with Tiziana Rivale who embellishes it with her   participation.

A cheerful and cautionary song written for us by Luigi Piergiovanni, inspired by love and farewell.

Maurizio Martini, Roman artist, has been a friend and collaborator of great names in the Italian entertainment scene for years such as Alex Britti, Ivan Cattaneo, Leopoldo Mastelloni, Tiziana Rivale, etc. He decides to wrap himself up personally and does it with this song, a song with a Mediterranean melody but dressed up with the sound of

British style, which is the successor to the one who will be next

album that will be sold in otoño...”

He performs as a guest at the big gala evening at the Cordeschi Amphitheater in Acquapendente, in a duet with Tiziana Rivale and Calibro 40.

2018 New single " I want to go to the sea " is released, an ironic song inspired by the catchphrases of the early 80s, by L. Piergiovanni/L. Magurno. Always in Air-Play on all radio stations scheduled since July 2018. A continuously growing path, made up of diversified experiences but with the sole objective of improving oneself through art and its countless expressions and collaborations, with big names which have embellished the various stages of this journey, up to this latest single, "I want to go to the sea" which, through an ironic language, takes direct inspiration from the typical catchphrases of the 80s, without neglecting the electronic contaminations that they were very fashionable in that era and adding here and there, some references to auteur pop, in which irony is never an end in itself.

2018 (August) “ Basta un Click ” is released, a song which, among other things, boasts the collaboration with the Italian rapper Calibro 40. A mix of sounds and colors which, when looking at new trends, such as rap, does not fail to reflect of the Italian melodic tradition and that taste for 80s electronics and dance, so dear to Martini.

The new single by the Roman singer-songwriter, who made his debut in music precisely in those unforgettable eightees, will be in radio rotation on over 200 national and foreign broadcasters, ready to compete with the most popular songs of the moment, showing how independent music still has something to say but with a language and sound that is always new and always original.

2018 After the album "Soli" in 2015 and the successful singles "Naufraga" in the summer of 2017, "Pietre", "La busta", "I want to go to the sea" and "Basta un click", here comes Maurizio Martini with a song written for him by Ivan Cattaneo " Adiòs amor " which embellishes it with his participation.

In the backing vocals the voice of another icon of Italian music, Tiziana Rivale, is recognisable. A sunny and captivating song inspired by the colors and loves of Picasso.


It was born at the beginning of the 80s by inventing the mixing of music videos starting from the dawn of Discomusic in the early 70s, moving on to the Dance of the 80s, to the House of the 90s, thus retracing a musical and cultural history up to the present day. Lively evenings in Discobars and private parties as well as in Rome and Italy also in Spain Sevilla, Alicante, Barcelona, Sitges, Torremolinos, Madrid, Reinosa, Santander up to Canada in Montreal involving and igniting the dance floors with a sequence of mixed revival videos curated with painstaking research.

It will feel like retracing a journey reviewing all the major international hits and the greatest successes of 40 years of music all in one night.

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